Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Intensive dancing.....Bandoneon in my house

Hi all, it's been over 2 weeks since my last blog, my excuse is I have been back dancing with similar intensity to the first time I was here. Up to 12 hours a day. 7 to 10 hours most days. Usually 2 classes and 2 milongas, every now and again there is a third class or pratica added. It feels like I've had a bit of a breakthrough in my dancing. It all goes very well at the milongas. There is still a mountain of stuff to study and integrate but bit by bit it is sinking in.
I am moving into debt again the whole world lives this way and survives and my debt is only a few thousand Euros, wouldn't buy you a car in Ireland. I'll survive a way will find me and take me with it if it's jail so be it.

In the last month the dancing has changed considerably much more relaxed and flowing. All the technical training allows the dancing to manifest itself without having to push or pull my partner around not that that's what, was going on. But it can take some practice so see where the pushing and pulling goes on, the more you practice 2 possibilities arise, ones habitual way of dancing becomes more ingrained or one develops sensitivity to the way one moves, there by enabling one to eradicate habits that choke natural movement in the dancing.
For me relaxing the mind is the key to enabling this awareness. As soon as you focus on one thing the 557,982 things are forgotten about. A relaxed awareness just noticing what's going on in both your body and your partners. In this space one can start to notice where the tension is, then you find the way to let it go. I find that when I find out about these possibilities I don't leave them on the dance floor but bring them with me into my life off the dance floor. It is interesting what comes to light when you use awareness instead of focus. Don't get me wrong there is a need for focus sometimes but I'm finding it less and less usefull.

Other news I've purchased a
BandoneĆ³n on behalf of a friend in Ireland. It may turn out that I'll bring it home which could be several months away. This allows me an opportunity to learn it. I played the accordion as a young fella 30 years ago, more recently I learned the Irish bagpipes, spent 2 years learning the pipes. So if the motivation arrives it will done with gusto.
The spanish classes have been a wash out I have missed most of them, being out till 3 or 4 in the morning doesn't make it easy getting up at 8.30. I am not motivated to learn it at any rate. Fortunately I have enought to get by and not just use hello, goodbye, please, and thankyou.