Friday, April 08, 2005

Cold drinks.....falling chandaliers........On TV

Well the fridge is back up and running running so hard there was a glacier starting in the ice box and dropped tomatoes were shattering. So a new thermostat was installed seems good so far. Fiona has arrived from Ireland and is nearing her first week in Tango Mecca. She is having a great time. Trying on some shoes yesterday all that was said "I could never wear these" we'll see about that. She brought a fresh supply of chocolate thanks for that. There's a bandoneon player visiting tomorrow to show me an Instrument he wants to sell. A friend wants to buy one so I'm the go between. Should be fun I plan to record it. First time I'll have recorded a Bandoneon. I'll see if he let's me try it out. Melina Braufman's week end seminar went fine it was about using exercises to feel the way energy moves in the body. 2 X 3hour class and not a single tango was played. In the same place on Wednesdays they hold a new practica called "Al Reves" where the boys pretend to be girls and vice versa, plenty of strange music also, on Sundays there is a Milonga I will be there this Sunday. In La Confiteria Ideal one of the chandeliers fell and hit an elderly gent who I 'm glad to say has survived. But on the news reports afterwards they show some stock footage of dancing in a milonga which featured me. So everywhere I go people tell me I saw you on the TV. I was wondering why there was so many funny looks recently. Had a fun night in Portena y Bailarin last Tuesday, but it used to be that here would be free in and you would have to consume a minimum of $4 of drinks. Now you have to pay to get in and again to get out. Seems silly to me, shouldn't it be one or the other?