Friday, June 03, 2005

Split up ..Dance partner.....Tango dance championship

The last month has seen the life of me turning on a pinhead. I've split up with the girlfriend moved to a new appartment, found a dance partner and friend. There is lots to this but maybe I'll save it for the Biog. We've entered into a Tango competion to represent BsAs in the 3rd Tango world championship The first round was held last Wednesday in La Ideal We were one of 17 couples in the competition. 3 tangos were played for all to dance to. Trasnochando by Miguel Calo, Cara Sucia by Carlos Di Sarli and Pensalo bien by Juan Darienzo. I know these tangos very well so it was just a matter of getting on with it. Six couples on the floor at a time for the 1st 2 lots and 5 for the last display. 2 couple were picked by the judges and 1 couple is selected by the public. A dozen or so mates came to vote and support us. The venue was almost full as Gustavo Naviera and Gisselle Anne were performing.
We were one of the two selected by the judges so we are through to the semi finals in a fortnight. If luck continues on our side the finals are on the 26th of June. Followed by the world championship on August 12.