Thursday, March 31, 2005

Move....fridge is banjaxed....Chocolate has arrived!!!!!

What a fortnight it's been. We've been 3 weeks moving a business from one location to the appartment. Lugging a little everyday then a truckload at the last moment. I've done this moving 7 times since flying the coop but when you move abroad you really pare down and figure out what you need, which takes preference over what you want. Well it is all done and most things that can be stashed away have been, things are running smoothly once more. The fridge broke down the other day, it's an american import GEC which makes it very expensive to fix 3 quotes from ar$1500 to ar$500. We picked the lowest it should be up and running toworrow. I hope it lasts.

Finally the chocolate that Matias and Kara brought back from Ireland has arrived into my gruby little hand a welcome treat. Thanks to Eorna for organising that.

The milongas are returning to normal here as the clients from the last 2 Festivals return home. Next major Festival is 6/7 months away. Some new Milongas have opened recently. I shall eventually get round to see several of them. Some interesting seminars on the calender for April starting next Saturday with one led by Melina Braufman