Saturday, March 12, 2005

Exhibitions...Kara and Matias return....Fergal from Ireland

The moult is 99% over I seemed to lose 2 layers off the shins. I regret to say I am no more beautiful now than I was before. The beard has been shorn which didn't help in the beauty stakes either, less stately in fact, fortunately I don't pay much attention to the look of me or the cut of me as others might say.
Tango classes continue, since Pablo and Dana are leaving for a 4 month world tour I will experiment with other teachers "sounds dodgy that" I have already had a milonga con traspie with Muma a well know milonguera in Buenos Aires it didn't get off to a good start as your asked to walk sort of flat footed which feels very unnatural to me, and since it is apilado ie. chest to chest both partners weight forward and off axis. I haven't been training or dancing this way for sometime but it all came back swiftly enough. The traspie exercises went well and this is what I want to get out of this seminar. Fergal is over from Ireland for a couple of weeks so I took him to Anna Maria Shapira for his first Tango lesson. He is a friend from my working side and not yet loco por tango. Following the class we popped over to La Fija which is held in El Beso here at his first ever milonga he won the sorteo of a bottle of wine he reckons I fixed it, then we just yapped the night away I'm afraid. I did get up for a tanda, as we embraced I was warned that quote "I've never danced tango I'm here with a few friends" in spanish. Okay fair enough I replied we'll just walk. So we made the best of it for a song then she just went straight back to her seat. Almost never happens separating before a tanda's over but now and again...........Yesterday I went to Canning to see Gaston and Marielle exhibit they gave a great show then Julio and Corina came on another good display. the place was packed as CITA starts to day. I had 4 tanda's all were great fun as much dodging the flying high heels and the odd speedy gonzalez who can't hear the music or see the other people as dancing. It will be like this for the next week and a bit. I may lie low for a while. A gang of us went on to La Viruta after to see Chicho and Eugenia do their thing, all very excellent, the milonga especially. Kara and Matias are back home after their trip around the world including Ireland. It was great to see them. I'm looking forward to working with them again. I got home eventually at about 6am.

I've signed on for a second set of spanish lessons starting on the 18th of March for 2 months, a little less intense than the last course only 4 days a week 2 hours a day. 64 hours in total should be grand.