Saturday, February 26, 2005

Moulting nicely....Hugs back online...Snog free and stormless...Chicho's class

I am moulting quiet nicely now. Should be freshly skinned in a day or two. Hugs are back on the menu, unfortunately my lips are in a desperate state getting nice and crusty now, it will be a few days before any snogging action takes place.The weather is a little cooler here which helps. Storms were expected but now look unlikely, which is a pity as they can be spectacular. There is new milonga on Sunday nights in Dandi Royal Pablo and Dana will exhibit there next Sunday. Chicho's class on Thursday was about changing the dynamics in tango movement. I like to utilize these possibilities in dancing, with your own steps it works fine the class is an advanced one so you are offered something that is really tricky. The first few parts are fine but when you run it up to 5 which usually are the more difficult techniques it is really a challenge. Try 3 contra rebounds right /left /right follow thru with a forward ocho for the girl as the man leads it with 3 steps (contratiempo) around her then take a reverse sacada next weight change in contra weight on both partners right leg last lead a forward boleo using contra weight change ................Just a sec while I catch my breath and partner. Next week the classes are about Sacadas, Change of directions (alterations) I love this way of moving, Symetry and changing roles, Volcadas and Colgadas exciting stuff.